Our Time at the Mattahunt Elementary School

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For the past few months, we have had the privilege to work with the young students of the Mattahunt Elementary School in Mattapan. This school is one of the most unique public schools in the city as it focuses only on students in grades Pre-K through first. They have specialized programs for trauma sensitive, autistic, and Haitian-Creole speaking students. The school is beautiful and vibrant with a colorful exterior that any kid would be happy to enter everyday. Everyone we have encountered at this school from the teachers, the aides, and students have been nothing but wonderful. Every student has been polite, well mannered, and excited to come to their exam.

During our time at the Mattahunt School we have given vision screenings to eighty seven students. Of those students, twenty two have received prescription eyeglasses and none of them had previously worn any glasses. This number is not as high as the middle school aged children we saw in the Spring of 2017, but the prescriptions are higher and will make a big difference in the child's life. 

During our time at the school we also hosted a holiday concert where members of the Boston Pops performed. Parents, students, and staff were invited to the event and we were happy to have had over three hundred guests in attendance. 

Our care for the children does not end after we deliver the glasses. We have been following up with the parents one week later to ask about the progress of their child with their new eyeglasses. It is always an amazing feeling when a parent is appreciative and gives us examples of how the glasses have benefited them. We hear things like "he isn't tripping as much" or "she's taking an interest in things around her". Any fitting and adjustment issues are taken care of by our optician, Christina, when visits the school every other Tuesday. During that time, if any of the parents have called with concerns about their child and his/her new glasses, the student is reevaluated.

It has been a pleasure to continue to provide clear vision to these students and we hope that it will play a role in the success of their education.