Welcome to our story, our mission, and our exciting journey as we begin a new chapter with our new philanthropic campaign, Envision Boston Giving.

Our mission is to provide complimentary vision screenings and eye wear to children in need. Please read Dr. Tricia Rose’s blog below to learn more details about this program.

We are also deeply grateful and excited to introduce our Visionary Campaign! Our Visionaries have graciously agreed to serve as ambassadors to our philanthropic mission. They will be introduced throughout this year and we feel their inspirational stories will inspire a wave of kindness and compassion in this beautiful city we all so proudly call home. We know that our future lies in the hands of our youth and we are committed to helping them see their world more clearly.

Portraits by Kerry Brett

Portraits by Kerry Brett


I love so many things about Boston. I love the rich history and cultural diversity of our city, but I would say the thing I love most is the deep sense of pride and loyalty felt in this community.


I am hoping to effect positive change in our community through my new campaign, Envision Boston Giving. The mission of this philanthropy program is to provide free vision screenings and eye wear to our city’s children with the greatest need. All services and materials will be gifted through the campaign. My team is partnering with Boston Public Schools and Mayor Walsh’s Education Cabinet to ensure the success of the program.

We will be using a very specific testing protocol that will assess the students’ acuities, eye movement, tracking, and the ability of their eyes to work together and sustain focus. We are very excited to be able to provide a fun and varied selection of frames, and all of the children will be able to pick out what glasses are best for them. The children will receive their new glasses at school just one week after undergoing our examinations.

I hope that the children and families whom we’ll be benefitting feel our support.  As an optometrist, this is a way in which I hope I can make a genuine impact.  I hope the school communities feel supported as well and appreciate the feeling that we’re all in this together. My immediate hope is that the kids themselves feel special and cared for and that it will be easier for them to focus on learning in and out of the classroom.


I am inspired by the inherent goodness of people. I am inspired by the all of teachers whom I’ve had and continue to have who are teaching me to reach higher and do better. I’m also inspired by music, art, many authors, and by the Envision Boston Giving Visionaries. We will be introducing them throughout the year, and I think they can serve as inspirational role models for all of us in the Boston community. I am truly humbled by their passion to contribute their time to this important endeavor on behalf of Boston’s children.


It gives me hope to know that the sun rises every morning, and the flowers bloom every spring, and that there is an ever-present loving force all around us. Also, it’s amazing that a glimmer of hope for an idea can so quickly lead to a magically orchestrated series of events to bring that idea to fruition. I feel that there is so much to be hopeful for and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.